It’s Al Green’s birthday. Celebrate it with the best Al Green performance there is.

In 1968, Ellis Haizlip, the first black producer at New York’s public TV station, WNET, launched a revolution. He created, hosted and curated SOUL!, a weekly TV show that showcased every facet of black American culture. Poets, politicians, entertainers and revolutionaries joined Haizlip and his audience every Thursday night to debate and define the meaning of soul itself.

In 1973, SOUL! dedicated an entire episode to “the music and the artistry of the incomparable Al Green,” and it’s been coveted and covertly shared by fans ever since as the best performance ever captured of Right Rev. Green in any setting. Which, of course, puts it in the running for the best performance ever captured of anything. Oh, and the man pulled this off while nursing a cold.



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