JD McPherson’s first album knocked us out with a visceral blast of ’50s punk rockabilly. Now he’s giving away a free collection of what he’s been up to since.

If you’ve been reading Trunkworthy for a while, you already know JD McPherson’s Signs & Signifiers album knocked us back to our love of rock & roll’s most primal, snarling roots. If you can’t remember the last time you danced your ass off at a rock show, start standing in line for a ticket now.

He’s been busy since then, touring, recording, growing a beard and, most excitingly, stretching himself creatively. First came a Christmas single that instantly landed a spot on our holiday hit list, and then the revelatory Warm Covers EP, where he deeply reinvented songs by artists as diverse as Nick Lowe, Alabama, Jimmy Hughes and Billy Boy Arnold. Now he’s getting ready to release his second album and is teasing it with a FREE (FREE!) download of a four-song collection that includes his new single plus the Christmas song (just in time for the holidays), a track from The Warm Covers and “North Side Gal,” the song that turned us on to him in the first place.

Did we mention it’s FREE? Go grab it now at Noisetrade.