We are Trunkworthy, and we will blow your mind with the life-altering movies, music and TV shows that were unjustly buried by the sands of hype and time.


We are Trunkworthy, and we come to you with a singleminded vision. To find and bring to you the under-appreciated nuggets that pop culture  has unforgivably swept under its rug. We will search, scour, unearth, turn up, and track down the very best movies, music, and TV that you probably haven’t paid attention to before now. For every classic album that topped the charts, every great television show that zoomed into the top 10, every blockbuster movie that hauled in a fistful of Oscars, there are five or ten or 20 that are equally worthy of our attention and praise, but, through no fault of their own, never gained traction.

That’s just wrong. And it drives us crazy.

Trunkworthy is your guide through an alternate universe where merit, rather than timing, luck, or a well-oiled PR machine, determines what secures an audience, and what gets ignored. We’ve dug through crates, archives, our memories, and more to take a second look at pop culture masterpieces that rival the best of the best in every way, save for their commercial success (or lack thereof). We aren’t about predicting the Next Best Thing, we aren’t going to geek out on the deliberately obscure. We’re just trying to right a few wrongs, to give a little love to criminally overlooked works of genius that we think might change your life the way they changed ours.

Our job is to provide you with the goods that smack you upside the head and say, “How in the @#$%^* did I miss that?” Don’t feel bad; pretty much everybody else did, too. But not us. That’s why you’re here. And that’s why we’re here for you.