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Bullet-proof she-Nazis! Dinosaur Minions! Hitler’s Dog! If you hate Nazis and loved Airplane!, we’ve got your next favorite show.

Let’s get straight to the biscuits: Danger 5 is the best-kept secret on Netflix.

Danger 5 is a TV series so insanely hysterical that it can’t be described. It’s the kind of jaw-dropped, WTF, tell-everyone-you-know comedy that you’ll try to explain but just end up throwing your hands in the air and saying, “Trust me . . . you just have to watch it.”

This is Inglorious Basterds, Airplane!, 007 and Ultraman together in a cocktail shaker

We’re not gonna wax poetic about the nuance of the show, dissect its twisted humor, or analyze it subversive thrust, but we’ll try to explain it thusly: Put Inglorious Basterds, Airplane!, Connery-era Bond and Ultraman together in a cocktail shaker. Add in three-fingers of absinthe, a few micrograms of LSD, and toss it back. You’ll be halfway to understanding what it’s like watching an elite band of secret agents in the ’60s (don’t ask) hunt down Adolf Hitler while stopping his increasingly bizarre world-domination schemes that include everything from Nazi dinosaurs to Japanese robot warriors to superior golden super-weapons . . . made of gold.

Your mission is to watch episode 1 immediately. And kill Hitler!

The buried references, rapid-fire dialogue, and endless sight gags require a quick finger on the remote to back up and catch them all. If you hate Nazis, aren’t easily offended, and miss the kind of endlessly quotable comedic shock you haven’t felt since you first discovered Monty Python, Danger 5 might be your next favorite show. Our advice: Watch with some like-minded friends so you’ll have some people to share the in-jokes with. Or just share them in the comments section below.


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