Jack White’s anguished, twisted take on some early Van Morrison blues deserves much more than B-side status.

Given the sheer volume of material Jack White releases under his own name, his side projects, and in unexpected one-offs, it’s hard to keep up with his output. But we think “You Just Can’t Win” may be the best thing he ever did with Dead Weather, his other other side band. And if you haven’t heard it yet, we beg you take a few minutes to listen to this coulda-been-an-A-side B-side.

Recorded in 2009, it fits right into White’s long and winding CV, offering up one of his most anguished lead vocals ever. Twisting the slow-burn blues from Van Morrison’s early band, White sounds like a ticking time bomb, and he can’t help pleading at the end, “You know you just can’t win/When you are in.”