“I Wish I Was The Moon” has the makings of a modern standard, a song we’d love to hear interpreted in decades to come. But it’s hard to believe anyone will sing it better than the woman who wrote it.

That voice. The power of Janis, the sweetness of Patsy and the strength of Etta. So loud and clear that you might wonder if she even needs a microphone in the first place. If we weren’t so consistently awestruck by her songwriting, we’d beg her to spend the next twenty years as the kind of capital-S singer, reinvigorating the great standards of the past hundred years. And that’s why “I Wish I Was The Moon” is the song we’re begging you to hear. Because, as a song, it has all the hallmarks of a standard. It’s timeless and has all kinds of room for interpretation. It’s the kind of song that would make or break a contestant on The Voice. But as much as we’d like to hear what other great voices could do with this song, what Neko herself does with it is arresting, astounding and very, very Trunkworthy. Check it out.