Robert Johnson wanted you to come on in his kitchen. B.B. King said the thrill was gone. But Willie “Skipbone” Johnson’s got the Middle-East trade pact blues.

In light of President Obama’s historic nuclear arms treaty with Iran, it’s worth noting that the longtime United States adversary’s neighbor to the south, Yemen, is still on Willie “Skipbone” Johnson’s shit list.

Big-leg women have run off, lemons have been squeezed, levees have broken, and gasoline has been served when water was clearly asked for. But in the history of deeds lamented in blues songs, Yemen having “pulled a trade pact with the United Arab Emirates” has to rank up there with the lowdown and the dirtiest. At least according to Skipbone and the folks at the Onion News Network. Follow the link and know the true meaning of the blues.

The Onion Radio News: Bluesman Claims Yemen Done Him Wrong