When an HBO ad reopened the generation gap and reminded oversharing parents that a little alienation goes a long way.

Parents today are really trying. While their own parents were content to leave the kids alone in front of the TV for hours on end, barely aware —let alone concerned—about what they were watching or thinking, many of those kids grew up damn sure they were going to create a different kind of family. They were going to be there. Share. Connect. Smother their precious millennials with all the attention and empathy they so desperately sought in whatever was being broadcast to their 26″ Zenith Chromacolor console.

Thankfully, HBO reminded us that not every experience is suited to the family room and that a little alienation can be a very good thing. Especially when Girls is on. Their series of Awkward Family Viewing commercials for the then-new HBOGo service remain the best thing to happen to the generation gap in a generation.

HBO Go Awkward Family Viewing from SS+K on Vimeo.