It’s been a rough week. End it with a good laugh at the expense of the self-appointed experts who know just how to solve your most perplexing parenting problems.
Look. It’s our job here at Trunkworthy to facilitate the happy marriage between you and works of art that have turned our life inside out. In other words, we’re telling you what you should be doing with your life—or at lease that two hour window you have to stream something tonight— and, let’s face it, people telling you how to live your life can be pretty goddamn annoying.
But, at the end of the day, we’re hoping that you don’t rank a bunch of over-excited fanboys geeking-out over, say, how awesome The Warriors is alongside the noisome scolds who tell you how to raise your kids.
It seems the last decade or so, it has felt like the entire media world has morphed into the old lady on the bus telling you that your kid should really be wearing a hat. Thanks, Ma’am. I would have never thought of that. So it feels good to see this this toxic culture of the all-knowing nudge, with the privilege and self-righteousness that it thoroughly embodies but never acknowledges, finally get the lambasting it so deeply deserves.
Let’s face it, with the advent of Mommy Bloggers and soft TV news shows that hand them the bullhorn they don’t deserve, the parent-shaming phenomenon has become weaponized. It’s high time, ladies and gentlemen, that we started fighting back. A hearty thanks to our friends at The Onion for this first spanking to the self-appointed experts we never said we needed: