“In A Little While” is the intimate antithesis of the epic anthems U2 built their legend on. It’s our favorite U2 song and, it turns out, Joey Ramone’s, too.

U2 rocked Apple’s watch/iPhone launch with a performance of their new single “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)” shortly before rocking their fans—and the entire music business—with the announcement that everyone with an iTunes account was just gifted their new album. But it’s that single’s homage to the massive influence of the late Ramones singer that really got our attention.

What it really made us think about was U2’s floating-on-a-breeze ballad, “In a Little While.” Not only was it the tune Joey was listening to as he cretin-hopped off this mortal coil, but it’s also, if you ask us, one of the greatest, most criminally overlooked songs in U2’s vaunted catalog.

Why? Because it doesn’t try to throw its arms around the world or loudly summit that mountain of big ideas. It goes small and intimate, with Bono’s voice so close and vulnerable it sounds like it was recorded in a pub at 5 a.m. after a long night of drinking and thinking.

This isn’t Bono the international rock star and humanitarian. It’s Bono the lovesick romantic, backed by one of the Edge’s least flashy, gripping guitar melodies, a simple, elegant strum that Al Green or Solomon Burke would have killed for.