Before they were dubbed “the best comedy duo on TV,” Abbi and Ilana of Broad City won us over with their twist on a classic scene from Annie Hall.

Welcome to one of our favorite episodes from Broad City’s very first season, before Comedy Central nabbed the series from the Internet. In the early days, the show was more like sitcom espresso, with each two- to four-minute episode packed with over a half hour’s worth of nihilism, comic narcissism, and profound friendship.

“Instant Karma,” from the latter half of season one, finds the two best friends—comedians Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson playing heightened versions of themselves—paying a price for finding the perfect perch from which to stand in judgment of unsuspecting park-goers. (“That guy is just eating, like, a plate of meat,” intones a disgusted Abbi).

This delicious riff on Annie Hall’s famous park scene puts what makes Abbi and Ilana such Internet gold—the foul-mouthed reverie, unvarnished honesty, and easy friendship— in sharp relief. They are TV’s most curmudgeonly best buds since George and Jerry. The best part for all of us? They do it in a tenth of the time.

Got an hour and fifteen to spare? You can take in all of Broad City’s early episodes on their website.