Trunkworthy hero Paul Weller tells us about the one album so brilliant he’ll buy copies for people who haven’t heard it.

Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies is probably my own personal favorite all-time record. It’s had a bit more press in recent years, but it’s criminally overlooked—an album they did in 1967 but I think it came out in ’68 after they’d split up. It was a kind of posthumous release thing. People will probably know “Time of the Season” because it’s been sampled and stuff like that, but every track’s fuckin’ great, man.

It’s not really a concept record, but it’s got a certain very wistful, melancholic, sort of autumnal, and very English feel to it in the melodies and arrangements. I strongly recommend it. Every time I’ve been near a record shop and I’ve been with someone who’s never heard it, I’ve popped in a bought them a copy.

The playing is brilliant, and so’s the songwriting between Rod Argent and Chris White, who were the main songwriters in the band. Every song’s got great melodies and with lots of little of references – it’s got a baroque, classical thing to it, and some nice jazz chords as well. A very unique sound.

The first time I ever heard it, I was learning how to play guitar with my mate. We were kids. We didn’t hear it at the time it came out, but there was a reissue called Time of The Zombies. It was a double album on Epic, and one of the discs was Odessey and Oracle. I heard it in my mate’s flat. We both lived in Woking, where I come from, and we lived right by a local park, and it was late September, so it was very fitting, and it all kind of blended in, with autumn coming, hearing this music.

— Paul Weller

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