JB’s dance moves are legendary, inspiring Michael Jackson while petrifying Mick Jagger. But for 120 frenetic seconds Roy Head truly became “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.”

James Brown’s moves are legendary. The sight of him spinning, shimmying, camel-walkin’ and falling on his knees inspired Michael Jackson and petrified Mick Jagger. But this grainy 1965 clip of a forgotten blue-eyed-soul hit has Roy Head packing every trick in JB’s bag into 120 seconds of frantic footwork. At 1:26, when Head takes a flying somersault leap off the stage, is when he really goes bananas and becomes, if only for a few precious seconds, the ¬†Second¬†Hardest Working Man In Show Business.


DIG DEEPER: Roy had a long and varied career, moving from soul to psychedelic rock and then country. This best-of is a fine sampler of his varied talents.