Trunkworthy Is Home To The Best You’ve Never Had.

The Trunkworthy mission is a simple one: Turn you on to the best movies, music, TV shows and videos you might have missed.

We only talk about the truly great, rather than waste our space and your time with the merely good, the bad or even the truly great things that have already had classic status bestowed upon them. At Trunkworthy, If we talk about something at all, it’s because it took us by surprise, it changed our lives and we think there’s a good chance it’ll change yours, too.

Trunkworthy is a place of shared passions. We welcome your ideas, feedback, arguments, and cries for help. Post article-specific remarks in the comments section at the end of every post. Anything else, send an email to

And Who’s Behind This Thing?

Everyone’s a curator these days, but the folks behind Trunkworthy have been doing it long before it became a buzzword. As producers, performers, writers, record execs and DJs we’ve spent our careers bringing method to the madness of the on-demand world we live in while bringing millions of happy fans along for the ride. So while you might not always agree with us, you can definitely always trust us. Our intentions are pure, our aim always true, but, hey, if we all had the same taste, what would we  have left to argue about?

  • Jeff Laufer

    We at Rock Bands of L.A. com support the folks at Trunkworthy…Would be flattered to be a guest writer…